Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greetings From One Of Your Selectman Candidates

Here it is, my first post to my new local blog, and I'm going to use it to sell myself to you as the best choice for Selectman for our town.

First, I must warn you that even thought I am quite familiar with politics, this is my first foray into actual politics, meaning my first attempt at election to an office of any kind. Frankly, it's daunting. It's also exhilarating and a little scary.

Second, I am not going to pander to any one group of voters. (Yeah, right!) I'm going to pander to all of them.

This may sound like a joke, and some of you out there may think I'm not taking this seriously. Don't be fooled. I take everything important in my life seriously, particularly my family and my job. Those two things take precedence over all other things, even the Board of Selectmen. But that doesn't mean I would neglect the duties of Selectman should I be fortunate enough to be elected. I will just make sure my priorities are correct.

By now you must be wondering what it is I think I can do for Gilford the other candidates can't. Compared to one or two of the others, the differences will be one of degree. To the others the differences will be an order of magnitude.

To be continued.......

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