Monday, May 12, 2008

Eight New Hampshire Towns To Build FTTH Network

It looks like a group of towns in New Hampshire has decided not to wait for Fiber To The Home to come to them, something unlikely to happen any time soon. Instead they've banded together in an effort to build their own network.

Town officials in western New Hampshire are planning a trip to southern Virginia to get a firsthand look at a municipal fiber optic network similar to the one they'd like to deploy.

The network could provide communication, entertainment and data-transfer services in the region. comprises eight towns - Orford, Lyme, Hanover, Enfield, Springfield, New London, Sunapee and Newbury - that seek to bring about construction of a fiber optic network that would be operated by a third-party service provider.

It's something other towns should consider if they want to have a 21st communications infrastructure.

Fiber To The Home will to more than provide very high speed data communications, telephone, and video services to residents. It will also attract new businesses and new residences.

This is something Gilford and the other towns in the Lakes Region should seriously consider.

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