Friday, April 10, 2009

Spending Beyond Our Means

How is it a legislature that overspent by almost $400 million during the last biennial budget ($10.2 billion) can justify spending an additional $1.3 billion for the upcoming budget ($11.5 billion) when there's still a $200 million shortfall to fill?

Oh, that's right. I forgot. The New Hampshire House is dominated by the tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend Democratic Party.

Never mind there's a recession on. Never mind the unemployment rate in the state has been climbing. Never mind that the President and Congress will be raising taxes to unsustainable levels. The New Hampshire Democrats are going to make sure to spend even more money the state doesn't have.

Haven't these jerks heard of cutting back on spending when the economic times are bad? How the heck can they justify raising taxes and fees at a time when so many are having a tough time making ends meet as it is?

If they had level funded the budget – making it the same as the last one - then there would have been no need to raise taxes and fees. Instead, despite claims to the contrary, they're spending even more and claiming they've cut as much as they can. Poppycock!

I am more convinced than ever we need to throw all the bums out, both here at the state level and in Washington.

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